About Bella

Hey, I am Bella. I am 15 Years old, I travel the world, eat amazing food, meet amazing people, and make great memories! I love taking photos and sharing them with the world. I am an actress, I’ve grown up singing, acting, dancing and playing the piano. I think people were meant to do what they love and what makes them happy in life. So every day I make my dreams a reality doing what I love, with my family.

Here is my family! On the right is my sister Ariana  LifestyleByAriana      next to her is my Dad, Andre. To the left of him is me, Bella. 🙂 And standing next to me is my mama, Tami.\

My family just started our very own blog, we want to inspire families globally to do what they love and be badass. The Badass Family

My Father was born in Bucharest, Romania.

He grew up around the culture, food, and people. At that time in Bucharest, it was the communist era, which was very unpleasant to live in. They lived in an apartment building in the city, in what they called “Little Paris” near a beautiful park “Cismigiu“. The communism was horrible, and they wanted to leave Romania. At that time it was not easy to leave Romania due to the government, but one day they got a call that they found a family to sponsor them in California, USA. He and his family came to America in 1979, my Father was 9 years old. In 1979 they began their journey in America. To their family, keeping the language, food, and culture around was very important. So they always had Romanian food cooking, and Romanian friends over.  To my father, Culture and Traveling have always been very important. So as a young adult he did a lot of traveling, he went back and visited Romania and also new places.  He started businesses and became an Entrepreneur.


My Mother was born in Minnesota, USA. She grew up on the farm, riding horses, playing with the chickens, and playing with her cousins. My Mother has a very large family, they were always together having parties. She and her Mother moved all around the states, seeing a lot of very cool places. She always loved traveling and seeing all the new places. When she was 13 they moved to California And decided to stay. She loved living by the beach! She always dreamed of traveling the world. As she turned 18 she began to travel and started pursuing business and she became an entrepreneur.


My parents met and fell instantly in love, they started many successful businesses, and they traveled the world. Soon after, they had my Sister and I. And began teaching us about life, business skills, and culture. My sister and I have been homeschooled our whole lives so we can be taught of the important skills for life and we travel the world and see amazing places!


Come along with me, on my journey as a 15-year-old girl traveling the world.


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    How terrific! I look forward to joining you on fabulous journeys. I wish you lots of good luck.

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    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

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    Cheers to you, young lady!

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    When I visited Bucharest many years ago, in communist times, I noticed how beautiful were the local girls. So America got one more beautiful girl, now from Romania.

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      Oh wow, so cool that you visited during the communist time… and that’s funny, thanks! 😆☺️

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    Excited to read more on your blog! Love it!

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      Thank you Laura!!

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