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November 7, 2018

This is definitely one of the most underrated cities in Italy! Bologna is conveniently located between two of the most famous Italian cities Venice and Florence (roughly an hour train ride from each) and is known for its Butcheries!! This city was such a breath of fresh air as it is much less busy than popular Italian cities, because it isn’t widely known… But, I hope for more people to discover this incredible city as it is full of amazing food, culture, and history!!

Piazza Maggiore is a must visit location when in Bologna! We were fortunate enough to be staying at a little hotel right in Piazza Maggiore, which was a great spot to be as it is walking distance to most sights!

We decided very last minute as we were driving from Venice to Lucca Tuscany, that we were going to stop for a quick night in Bologna before heading to Tuscany, and I am so glad we did! 

Where to stay?

#1. Art Hotel Commercianti.

I absolutely loved this quaint, cozy, and charming hotel! You could almost feel the history in the building as it was Originally a 13th-century guild hall!! The breakfast buffet they offer is truly outstanding and far exceeded my expectations!!! The staff went above and beyond with their service and hospitality which was such a pleasant suprise! For example, we got back to the hotel late that night after walking a TON, and I was hungry, yet they do not have room service or a restaurant… So I asked the man at the front desk if they had any food, and he asked for my room number and said “just a moment.” 10 Minutes later I hear knocking and I answer the door and he brought my a beautiful salad he whipped up for me with some items they store for breakfast!! So very kind!

With that being said, I highly recommended this hotel! 


Other great accommodations…

  • Hotel Cosmopolitan Bologna
  • Unahotels Bologna Fiera

What to do in Bologna?

#1. Wander down the little cobblestone streets!!

Every Italian city I have visited has their own charm, and I find the best way to discover that charm is by “getting lost…” By getting lost you are able to find your way by fulling diving into this new city and trusting whatever is to come next! Of course just wandering the streets gives you so much insight about a place, so you can not go wrong just strolling and observing!

#2. Visit the porticos at night.

Bologna definitely comes to live at night, so even strolling after dinner is so magical!! All of the city lights shine bright and create the most charming city experience!

#3. Climb The Asinelli Tower

At the end of Via Rizzoli, you will find the two towers – Torri degli Asinelli and Torri Garisenda – the striking symbols of the city. At one time there were over 125 towers around the city, today there are 25 still standing!

#4.  Find La Finestrela

La Finestrela alla piccola Venezia (the window to the small Venice)

Is a tiny window with one of the most breathtaking unexpected and picturesque canal view!!

That concludes the quick 24hrs we spent in this lively city… Although we did not eat at the world famous Eataly, we had some wonderful food, and got to see some amazing architecture! Overall Bologna is definitely worth visiting and expiencing all the charm it has to offer. Now it is time for Tuscany!! I am sure going from thid bustiling city to the calm rolling hills of Tuscany will be wuite a fun change.


Until the next adventure,

Bella Popa

AKA ChowBellaTravels

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