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June 27, 2018

Imagine walking down a colorful street full of different vendors, restaurants and a Mariachi playing in the background!! Who knew you could have such an authentic Mexican experience right in the heart of Downtown LA!? 🇲🇽

If you are like me, and you love yummy Mexican food, you are sure to love Olvera street! You can find the best authentic Mexican restaurants in all of Los Angeles. Olvera Street was created in 1930 to preserve the customs and trades of early California. This Mexican Marketplace really recreates a romantic “Old Los Angeles” with its block long, narrow tree-shaded, brick-lined street full of colorful murals, shops, cafes, restaurants and old structures.


Where is Olvera Street?

Olvera Street is located in the heart of Downtown LA right by China town! One of my favorite parts of Los Angeles in the cultural diversity. You can go from a super authentic Mexican restaurant, walk for about 10 minutes and find yourself in China town having authentic Dim Sum.

125 Paseo de la Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90012

What to eat?

Olvera Street is FULL of restaurants and cafes, so if you visit, be sure to be hungry!


#1 La Luz Del Dia.

This restaurant is located right at the entrance of Olvera Street, so it is easily spotted and a popular choice among visitors. I really enjoyed the fresh hot homemade tamales and the beautiful blooming flowers in the entrance.

#2 La Noche Buena.

La Noche Buena is known for their tacos and taquitos. Even though we just had lunch, my dad and my uncle had to taste the world famous delights. So after waiting in line for 15 minutes they finally got their snacks and we kept walking through the crowds as they munch on their savory treats. The Tacos and Taquitos did indeed impress, they said they were some of the best they have ever had!!!

#3. Cielito Lindo.

This is another hotspot on Olvera street, they are been serving up freshly stuffed, rolled and fried taquitos since 1934. Obviously, they know what they are doing… They always have a line out the door of hungry people hoping to get their hands on a precious Taquito. And, if having the best taquito wasn’t enough, they are also famous for their spicy thin avocado sauce they drizzle over the steaming hot taquitos.

This is a must visit spot on Olvera street!!

#4. El Paseo Inn.


El Paseo Inn is located in the heart of Olvera Street, this restaurant was built in 1930 and has since been designated as a historical landmark. This is my Family’s favorite restaurant to have big brunches. We had such a fun time here with my Family and my Dad’s Uncle’s family. We all got some classics including a Chile Rellano, Bean And Cheese Burrito, Chile Verde and of course, I got an albondigas soup (which was delicious!)


*Classic freshly made Horchata at El Paseo Inn.

Overall, you really can’t pick a bad restaurant on Olvera Street. You are bound to find something delicious no matter where you go. And, if all else fails you can just enjoy walking around this bustling, colorful and music filled street taking in all it has to offer.


Until the next adventure,




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