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May 31, 2018

When you think of Cannes, you think of the world-famous Cannes film festival, am I right? Well, what else is there to see in Cannes when the film festival is not going on? My family and I drove from Nice to Cannes to spend the afternoon exploring this beautiful town. We were wishing for a sunny day to explore, but we ended up with a bit of a gloomy day… It was still beautiful, and, at least it did not rain!!!


What to see.


#1 La Croisette.

This mile-long promenade is the main attraction when visiting Cannes. Walking along this stunning beachfront promenade is a must! I felt like I was in a movie as I strolled along this world famous Blvd taking in the breathtaking views of Cannes. This street is full of the most amazing shops, hotels, and restaurants with spectacular views! It is definitely the best spots to soak up the French sun and sea breeze as you take in this marvelous French town! ย ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท



#2. Lunch with a view.


Choosing where to eat when traveling is one of my family’s favorite parts! We love amazing food and especially food with stunning views. We searched for a while on trip advisor for where to have lunch on the water in Cannes and found a restaurant called the JW Grill Cannes that is located inside of the JW Marriott hotel right on La Croisette.

I ordered A French classic = A Nicoise salad, and OMG…

This was definitely THE best Nicoise salad I had in France! I loved the boiled eggs that were perfectly soft in the center and the nice touch of artichoke hearts around the plate.

#3. Walk along the beach.

The best way to end the perfect afternoon spent in Cannes is to take a stroll along the world-famous beach! As there are public and private beaches all along the coast, I recommend visiting Carlton Beach which is right in front of the Carlton Hotel. If you are not a hotel guest they do charge a fee to enter, but it is well worth it!

Although we only spent a quick afternoon in Cannes, I will rememberย ber it forever!! Walking along La Croisette with the crystal clear water shimmering and kids playing is something that will be in my heart forever… Next, my family and I hopped in the car and began our journey into wine country, AKA Provence. My next post will be all about the most magical week ever including strolls through lavenderย fields, dinner at a Michelin star restaurant and horse riding through the old towns filled with chateaus and vineyards.

Until the next adventure,

Chow Bella Travels

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