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May 18, 2018

France is definitely one of the most iconic countries on earth… When you think of France, you think of Paris, The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, vineyards, lavender fields, champagne, cheese, bread and FRENCH FRIES (But, some say that french fries were first created in Belgium in the late 1600s. Who knows? ๐Ÿ˜)

For my family and I, planning this trip was easy. ย  Luckily, we had all already been dreaming of visiting for so long, that we ย had in mind exactly what we wanted to visit. When we “plan” our trips we don’t really “plan” our trips. We pick a place, and when we get there we go with the flow and drive from town to town without a schedule or strict plan, and we don’t book hotels rooms until we get to where we want to be! ย In my opinion, this is the most fun and spontaneous way to travel!

We only spent 1 quick night in Nice before we headed to Cannes and Provence. But luckily we got to see quite a bit of the beautiful city.

So without further ado, here are my top tips on what to eat, what to see, and where to stay in Nice.




Flying into Nice Cรดte d’Azur.

When you fly into the big cities like Paris, Vienna, New York, Los Angeles, and London for example. Sometimes you miss out on seeing the little towns and coastlines. I am so glad we decided to fly into Nice as opposed to Paris!! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Paris, but the change of view is definitely worth it. As we began ourย descent into the Nice airport my jaw literallyย dropped. I felt like I was in the movie Monte-Carlo where they fly into the South Of France and as they are landing, beautiful Frenchย music starts playing, and they can see the crystal clear water down below!!!! ๐Ÿ˜

This view reminded me very much of the Italian Riviera, and of course, Monaco. As they are all so close, they share a lot of similarities.



Arriving in Nice is such a magical experience! As you begin to land you can see the beautiful blue water sparkling down below you, the cute little buildings and you hear soft French music in the background… (Oh, maybe the music was in my head?!) ย ๐Ÿ˜

We decided to stay one night in Nice and then venture off. We stayed at the JW Marriot which is right on the Promenade Des Anglais (pictured above). The Promenade Des Anglais is the most famous stretch of seafront in all of Nice, and possibly even all of France. This Promenade which runs 4.2KM up the coast, as originally paved in 1822 and paid for by the English (hence the name) that would holiday in Nice and wanted a clean place to walk along the coast. Today this hotspot is home to many shops, restaurants, and hotels thriving with tourists from around the globe.

Where to stay.

The JW Marriot is beautifully decorated and has a very homey feel. As you enter the lobby you are delighted with the smell of unique herbal and citrus notes. We usuallyย opt for SPG properties as we are a part of their loyalty program and love their hotels.

The rooms are very nice and spacious. This room has two twin beds, so it was perfect for my sister and I to share!

They are so great, in the morning they brought us a tray of different fresh fruit and a card thanking us for staying with them! I really enjoyed the fruit, it always tastes so yummy and fresh in Europe!


Other great hotel options in Nice.



#1. ย Le Negresco

The most famous hotel is Le Negresco with a prime location on the Promenade Des Anglais. As you enter this hotel you feel like you’re in a palace that is so detailed and beautifully decorated with art that is museum worthy and fixtures fit for a king. As a matter of fact, this hotel has accommodated many royals and celebrities as it is a world class 5 star hotel. Rooms start at about ย 200 Euros a night.

If you’re looking to experience the lush life France has to offer, this is definitely a great luxury choice!



#2. Boscolo

Image result for boscolo nice

The Boscolo in Nice is definitely a very unique hotel. It has a very fresh and clean modern Italian decor. This hotel is the definition of luxury with its marble staircases, ย domed glass ceilings, and extraordinary flower arrangements. Room prices at this property start at around 230 Euros a night.


#3 Radisson

Image result for Radisson hotel in nice

The Radisson hotel is situated in the perfect location on The Promenade Des-Anglais, with the most breathtaking views of the Mediterranean from the pool and the rooftop restaurant. This choice is more economic with rooms starting at around 100 Euros a night.


What to see.

One of my favorite parts of visiting new places is getting to explore. We got ready for dinner and headed into to town to find the perfect restaurant to have some traditional French food.

Of course like most towns in France, Nice is full of Pattiseries, Boulangeries, and fromageries. As you can see behind me…

I love wearing fashion that is inspired by the places I am visiting. And French fashion just happens to be one of my favorites! I mean, aren’t Berets just the cutest?


———-Shop the look———-




Where to eat.

Choosing where to eat is a big deal for my family and I. We love great food and always love to have amazing authentic restaurant experiences when we travel. We always ask locals for recommendations and look on trip advisor. We came to a decision and choose to eat at Restaurant Acchiardo nestled in the center of Nice. Tip-> (if you do not have a lot of time to see a new city, choose a restaurant in the center so you get to walk through the town to get there.)

Restaurant Acchiardo is located on the cutest street lined with street lanterns. This restaurant really embodies the French cuisine and way of life. As you walk in, it is beautifully decorated in a classic French decor with big clocks and wine bottles all throughout.


Now, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

Their menu was pretty traditional to the area, with different steak dishes and breaded veal.

To start with we ordered a cheese and meat platter (AKA) Charcuterie. It came with some very yummy cheeses, brie, camembert, and a couple of other goat cheeses.

We ordered a steak medium topped with a pepper sauce that came with a fresh side salad tossed with olive oil and lemon. The steak was cooked just perfectly and was very tender.

We also ordered the dish this restaurant is known for, it is basically veal schnitzel in their homemade tomato, ย mushroom, and red pepper sauce.


ย  ย ย 

ย  ย ย 

ย  ย ย 


Spending one night in Nice is hardly enough to see everything…

But luckily we did get to see quite a bit around town! As I am such an ocean lover, I really loved all the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Next, we headed to Cannes for the day to walk around and of course have some yummy food.


France is one of those places I think everyone should visit in their lives! It is so charming and full of incredible history!

I hope you enjoyed this post whether you have been to Franceย and got a reminder of its beauty or if you have not been yet, you got some inspiration to start dreaming of visiting.

Until the next adventure.


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