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January 13, 2018

Chow Bella,

My family and I just spent a week in the snow in beautiful Romania! We flew into Romania the day after Christmas and stayed through the New Year.

Watch the video of our trip here

We went with my Dad’s Sister and her family. We stayed 1 night in Bucharest at the JW Marriot hotel right in the middle of the busy city! 🙂

We really enjoyed the hotel, it was very clean, had great food, friendly staff, and great location. So we will be returning to this hotel in the future. 👌🏼



Here is the beautifully decorated tree in the lobby. This hotel has such a fresh feel!


This is our room, my sister and I usually share a room.  We loved the room!

We also had access to the food lounge on the top floor which was nice when we wanted a drink or a snack.FvkM8mD0T2eOQi78%YmVXA

This is the little tree that was in the lounge, everything was still decorated from Christmas, which made me very happy! FYI, I love Christmas! 😍

They had breakfast, lunch and dinner in the lounge. We didn’t have any meals here though because we got to the hotel in the evening and left early the morning after.


That evening we went to dinner with our family and some friends in town at Hanul Berarilor. It was really good traditional Romanian food and they had a traditional Romanian band playing which definitely added to the ambiance!


At the beginning of the meal you usually start with ciorba which is a sour soup, most places have bean, meatball, beef, chicken or tripe.

This one is Ciorba de fasole, which is the bean soup.


This is fresh home-made lemonade, without any sugar. So fresh and yummy!


In the winter time Romanian eat lots of meat, and cheese to help keep their bodies warm! And it’s yummy! 😋


For the main course, most of us ordered Schnitzel, which is basically just fried chicken. I just got grilled chicken with some grilled veggies. The veggies were SO good! They grilled them perfectly!

Then we went back to the hotel, and we all went to bed at 8:30pm because we were all pretty tired from the time change. I know… Party poopers 😆


The JW Marriot in Bucharest is definitely a great choice, It was also very nice that they had taxis available at all times!


For me breakfast is my favorite part of the day!! Who is with me??

So I was SO happy with the choices the hotel had at the buffet! 😍

I got some scrambled eggs with chives, roasted potatoes, cucumber, tomato, zacusa which is a Romanian veggie spread and some grilled veggies. All of it was super fresh and delicious 😍


It was about 35-40 F outside, so we I was wearing a thermal and a warm sweater, inside it was super hot, but I was thankful for the layers when we went outside.

I know for some people that isn’t cold…

But I have grown up in California, so I am not used to it. 😂


Here I am in the lobby all bundled up ready to head to the mountains where it is even colder. 😆

It is about a 3 and 1/2 hour drive, depending on traffic. During the holidays there is usually quite a bit of traffic because there is one road that goes up the mountains. And everybody in Romania wants to go Skiing in Poiana for the New Year! 🙈


This is a gorgeous street we passed by on the way to the mountains, I loved this tree lined street!  As you get further away from the busy city, the streets become more quaint and beautiful! 😍


This is the main street in Brasov which is the little town just 12 minutes from the ski mountain where we stayed. So on the way up, we stopped for some food of course! 😉

We ate at The Bella Musica hotel restaurant. We love their food, it is a Mexican and Romanian food restaurant. I know, weird mix… Just don’t order the Mexican food there. 😒


This is the Pulpe de pui la gratar. Which means grilled chicken, and I got some grilled veggies with it. It was DELICIOUS!!

My Sister and my Cousin ordered a burrito… And it came with ketchup on it!!!! 😫 Not the best option in Romania.


Old town Brasov is full of amazing buildings and history!! Like this amazing Black Church begins me that was built in 1385 😳 Down in the mountain from Poiana it was about 30 degrees and windy so not too bad. The wind made it feel colder, so I was all bundled up! I love this blue scarf, it always keeps me warm! 😄


At our hotel in Poiana, they also had a breakfast buffet. I usally had some potatoes with veggies and eggs! Yum 😍IMG_9334


After we had breakfast we went out into town, the little pond in the middle of town was freezing over so it was so gorgeous! 😀

And of course, I was wearing lots of warm clothes and my red Beanie 😁


For dinner, we went to Coliba Haiducilor, which is a VERY tradition Romanian restaurant!! The food was sooooo incredible. And they had live Romanian musicians.


The next day we drove down the mountain to the Christmas market in Old Town Brasov. I was SO excited, I had been really wanting to visit a Christmas market in Europe! 😍


It truly was such a beautiful market with an amazing tree, cute little shops, and twinkle lights everywhere😍



We decided not to go skiing this trip for a couple reasons… 1 we did not want to be out in the cold all day, and 2 we wanted to spend more time seeing the sights. However, we took the ski lift alllllll the way to the top of the mountain to see the view. And OMG!!! The view was incredible… BUT. It was SO COLD!!! 🙈😝😝

We spent the rest of the night by the warm fire, talking and spending time with family and friends, enjoying memories from the past year, and of course there was some food involved. 😉😉Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

In Romania the New Year’s eve parties are a really big deal! People dress super fancy and stay up all night celebrating. 😁

My family and I had such a fun night, just feeling so grateful and enjoying a beautiful party.  We all brought our nice clothes (although their were some people in ball gowns)…



At the party, there was this cute photo spot that had La multi Ani 2018 on it. La Multi Ani basically means to many years. So it is used for most celebrations, birthdays, new years, and anniversaries. This pic is my Sister, our Cousin Giana, and I. 💕WoYtgZSGSCaKsWafjv%HWg

In the big party room, the lights were purple which was cool! And they had live music all night, including a lady who was a final contestant on the voice Romania.


This was our appetizer, sushi, cheeses, and meats. They served this dish at 8pm, and they served our main course at 1:30 AM 😝  I was so tired I did not even get a picture.


At 11:55 PM everyone started making their way out front to see the fireworks. It was about 15-20 degrees outside… So being in a dress it was freezing!!! 🙁 But luckily it was beautiful and something we will always remember!

Here is a photo of my Sister and I and our cousins right as it was the New Year!

I had an amazing 2017, I started my blogging journey, I have grown as a person, and I know 2018 has amazing things in store for us all!
My family and I love romania, the food, culture and countryside are all amazing! 😍 🇷🇴


Thank you for reading,

Chow Bella



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  • Journeys Through Pre-World War 3 Britain January 13, 2018 at 6:54 pm

    Cool place to check out. I love Christmas too, would love to see other cities during Christmas if I wasnt so attached to spending it with my friends and family here. Nice video too, way more together and professional than I could manage talking to camera…

    • Chow Bella Travels January 13, 2018 at 6:55 pm

      Thank you for the kind words!! Yes, these cities are so magical during Christmas! Thank you for the support. I’m loving your blog ☺️✨💖

  • depatridge January 14, 2018 at 7:43 am

    Great post, Bella. So picturesque and interesting.

    • Chow Bella Travels January 14, 2018 at 1:32 pm

      Thanks so much! It was a beautiful destination ✨😄

  • SueT唐 梦 琇 January 20, 2018 at 11:44 pm

    Some great photos you took. What a great place to visit. Somewhere I had not thought of before.

    • Chow Bella Travels January 21, 2018 at 3:38 am

      Thanks so much! It’s really amazing! Definitely a must visit ✨😄

  • Mitch Teemley February 2, 2018 at 12:23 am

    Wow, I’d have killed to have adventures like these at your age!

    • admin February 2, 2018 at 7:41 am

      It’s such a blessing! 🙈😊