Lufthansa Los Angeles to Bucharest! ✈️ 

Chow Bella,

My family and I went to Romania last year for new years with our family, we had an amazing time. We always enjoy visiting Romania, we love the food, culture, and the amazing countryside.  My Dad was born in Bucharest Romania and moved to California when he was nine. So we still have relatives and friends we get to visit.

So this year we decided to go again with my Dad’s sister, and her family. We wanted to try a new hotel, but since it was a little last-minute all the others were sold out and we ended up staying at the same one as the year before. 😜


Last year we flew Virgin Atlantic, we liked it, but we wanted to try a new airline this year. So we found awesome Business class tickets on Lufthansa 340-600 plane.


We flew out of LAX, and in California, it wasn’t too cold, but I had to wear one of the big coats I was taking because we only took 1 carry on each. We always travel with one carry on bag, and a backpack each. It makes all the travel much simpler for us. I just don’t get to bring all the shoes I want 😔😂


My branded (ChowBellaTravels) luggage. 😆😉



After we checked into our flight and went through security, we went to the star alliance lounge in the Tom Bradley international terminal. This is the main part of the lounge where you get food, drinks, and can sit to eat. Lufthansa does not have their own lounge at LAX so they partner with star alliance, and we got free access with our business class tickets.


They have a PHŌ bar around the corner from the majority of the food. I really enjoyed having the PHŌ as an option, you could choose rice or wheat noodles, and beef or veggie broth. It was so yummy.


My parents had some champagne in celebration of travel, life, and family. And did I mention my family started our very own family travel, inspiration, and lifestyle blog??? We want to empower families globally!! Go check it out. Thebadassfamily 

After the lounge, we headed to our gate and got in line to board the plane. The line was very short luckily thanks so business class.


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My Sister and I were sitting right behind my Mom and Dad. It was nice to be so close and be able to talk and hang out. Our seats were so comfy, and they gave us nice pillows and blankets for whenever you want to sleep.


Shortly after boarding they brought us some nuts, and a choice of water, champagne or juice. The nuts were really good, they had some sort of sweet and spicy flavor!

After we took off they took our order, for the main course they had a beef fillet, a codfish, and pasta with veggies dish. And the appetizer options were a cold beef salad, asparagus, and beet salad, or mixed cheese.


As an appetizer, I ordered the roasted beet and asparagus. It was actually really good!!!


For the main course I ordered the pasta, and it came with a little salad. I really liked the veggies mixed with the pasta! 😍

Overall I thought the food was really good, and my Sister loved the beef fillet she got!

The plane ride was about 11 hours and we slept most of the night, so thankfully our schedules weren’t too off.

We landed in Munich Germany and had a 1 & 1/2 hour layover.

Munich is one of Lufthansa’s hubs so they have their own lounge.


Omg!!! These fresh pretzels at the Lufthansa lounge were soooooo good! I was thinking about them the rest of the day.

Germans sure know how to make good pretzels!


They also had some Hungarian soup, it was really good. It was a thick tomato broth with beef. After the lounge, we hopped on another Lufthansa plane, just a much smaller one, and headed off to Bucharest. It was about a 2-hour flight. They served us a little meal.


It was sliced turkey, mustard, grilled zucchini, carrots, and humus balls. It was pretty good, I liked the turkey with the mustard! 👌🏼😁


And on this flight I got the window seat, I always love looking out the window seeing how far up we are. And when we land it is so fun seeing the city!


We landed in Bucharest at 7pm and we got a taxi to the hotel where our family already was all checked in and went to dinner at a yummy traditional Romanian restaurant! More about that on my next blog about Bucharest coming soon!!+4K%MZNOS9WU8MjAivPiwQ


I hope you enjoyed reading all about our experience from LAX – OTP.

Until the next adventure,

Chow Bella