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Chow Bella,


So, I am sure you have seen some posts on my Instagram of my families recent trip to Venice, Italy… We had an amazing time, Italy is one of our favorite countries in the world!

We flew Lufthansa from LAX to FRA and then hopped over to France for a few nights for my Mom’s birthday and then took a quick little flight to Venice.

(Blog post about France coming soon.)

We really enjoyed the seats on the Lufthansa flight, they laid flat and were very comfortable with plenty of space. More on the flight coming soon in another post. At LAX we hung out at the star alliance lounge before our flight. More info on that  Star Alliance lounge review @ LAX – ChowBellaTravels

We arrived in Venice at 8pm and we took a water taxi from the airport to The Gritti Palace where we were to spend the next few days. It was raining pretty intensely, so the boat ride was a little rocky, but still a fun experience!

Arriving at The Hotel Gritti, they greeted us at the taxi dock with umbrellas and unloaded our luggage for us.

We ran inside to stay dry, into the beautiful palace lobby decorated with beautiful furniture and art pieces. We checked in and headed up the stairs to our room. This hotel used to be someones private palace many years ago, and you feel it’s history with all the little touches. The terrazzo floor on each level, and the lighting fixtures.

Our rooms were beautifully decorated and very comfy. They had gorgeous artwork and mirrors in each room. They added lovely little details of putting hand lotion on your bed each evening, and slippers by your bed.


This is the stunning bathroom, with great options of bath salts, hair products, and body lotion. The bathtub was a nice size and had a shower option.



After we got all settled into our rooms and unpacked we went to dinner, (It was my sister’s 16th birthday that day). We headed out in the off-and-on rain in search of some wonderful Italian food. We looked on trip advisor for restaurants with great reviews and had authentic food. We found La Caravella which has 4 1/2 stars.

Walking along the lovely moonlit canals, past churches, bridge after bridge, we arrived at La Caravella. You enter a long corridor leading to the restaurant and hang your coats and umbrellas by the door.

We loved the candlelit table.



We ordered the cheese and mushroom ravioli topped with shrimp and veggies.



And, the grilled veggies on the side.

The veggies were DELICIOUS! Grilled to perfection.



Also, the squid ink pasta with basil, tomato, and, garlic mixed in. Yum!IMG_2620


We really enjoyed our dinner. We thought the food was very good, we definitely recommend it if you want a higher-end dinner in Venice.

Here is a pic I took of my adorable family with their umbrellas after dinner.


After dinner, we walked around for a while in the beautiful rain and then went back to our hotel to catch up on some sleep after all those flights.


Ahhh, Breakfast in Venice. I can’t decide if I like dinner or breakfast more in Venice. There is something special about waking up, opening your window and looking down and seeing a gorgeous canal with gondoliers singing, delivery boats busy, and an old Italian guy in his boat with his dog.

Then you go downstairs for breakfast, you start with a cappuccino of course. Which might I add are the best at this hotel!

After your cappuccino, you have some yogurt and bread, and then fresh fruit. Yummy!


After our yummy breakfast, we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Venice.

Our favorite part of exploring is getting lost in the canals and streets. I can’t even imagine all the things/places we would have never seen if we didn’t just explore and get lost.


All throughout Venice the buildings are deteriorating and crumbling exposing the brick underneath. During winter in Venice the water rises and floods the island and eats away at the lower parts of the buildings. It is amazing how this island is still in one piece and thriving.


Venice is full of these gorgeous piazzas with restaurants all the way around. Sometimes, with little fresh vegetable & fruit stands. Most of the piazzas have wells in the center, since Venice is surrounded by a saltwater lagoon they had little resources for freshwater, so, they made a system to collect rain water and pump it to various wells throughout Venice.


My sister and I on her sweet 16 birthday.

My sister started her own Instagram page posting all about our trips go follow her! Lifestyle By Ariana




This statue is special to my family because the first time we came to Venice 7 years ago, we had dinner just to the left of it and my sister and I played on the steps of the statue all evening.

Every time we go to Venice we visit it and remember old times.



Of course, after walking for a while we had to get gelato… My favorite flavor is Stracciatella.

Stracciatella is milk based ice-cream with shavings of dark chocolate throughout.


If you guys are wondering where I got my watch…

It is from Morris York, It is great quality and super cute.

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My Dad and I, strolling along the street with umbrellas just in case it started to rain.

It would rain for about 20 minutes and stop for a while and then start again all throughout the day.


When it wasn’t raining the weather was very nice, just a little chill in the air.

I definitely recommend bringing a jacket with you if it has been raining because it can start at any time and gets chilly and wet.



After our Wonderful day of exploring Venice, our parents surprised us by taking us to our very 1st opera for my sister’s birthday… In Venice!!!! Ahhh!!!

We went back to the hotel to change into something a little nicer.

I wore my black floral dress. (And my jacket because it was still a little chilly.)



The opera was inside an old palace, the show started in this living room and then moved throughout the palace. It was so cool how they switched from room to room telling the story in different places. They had a 4 piece orchestra with a piano already in each room.IMG_2784

This palace was stunning, the details on the walls and ceiling were incredible.

The opera was La Traviata (The Fallen Women) an opera in 3 acts by Giuseppe Verdi. This show 1st opened in 1853 at the Teatro La Fenice.

We all loved the opera and were very excited to see more in the future.



After the opera, it was time for dinner, of course. We walked around for a bit first enjoying the cotton candy sky.IMG_2821

We eventually went to a little restaurant near San Marco.

We enjoyed gnocchi Bolognese, spaghetti and meatballs, and some sea bass.

No picture of the sea bass… You know when your family is so excited to try something they don’t wait for you to get a picture of it.

Yup, that’s what happened.



The next day we just walked around enjoying the magical island. It was the first warm day we had in the whole trip. I was so happy that I was able to wear a dress without a jacket and enjoy the sunny weather.


For lunch, we ate at one of the cute little restaurants in a piazza that had great reviews. We ordered the grilled veggie plate topped with burrata cheese. YUM!

IMG_2985 2

The margarita pizza which was amazing. The cheese, the sauce, omg so good.IMG_2989

And the gorgonzola gnocchi which melted in mouths, just delicious.IMG_2990

After lunch, we walked for a bit and then got some gelato.


Just enjoying the view! IMG_3015




We visited the highly pinned bookstore, Liberia Aqua Alta, my sister loves all things books so she spent an hour walking around the bookstore just enjoying.

This bookstore had cats everywhere.

Did I say everywhere? Because OMG. So many cats.


After that, we stopped at a little fresh produce stand and got some fruit.IMG_3091


This canal had the cutest restaurant on the right side with little balconies that had tables right on the canal.  IMG_3097

After the day of walking, we went back to the hotel to get some rest before we had to get up at 3am for our flight.

We had such a special experience in Venice, we loved our hotel The Gritti Palace, all the food we had was incredible, and the opera was amazing.

We are excited to visit again someday soon.

We have loved every town we have been to in Italy so far. They are all so charming and beautiful.


Until the next adventure,

Chow Bella