A week by the pool in Scotsdale.

My family and I spent a relaxing week by the pool in hot AZ!

This is the view of the lovely golf course from our casita!



Across the street from the hotel was the awesome food & shopping center the keirland commons.DSC02678

Our lunch, Burrata, and flatbread.DSC02573

This margarita pizza was delicious, it’s always great with fresh basil!DSC02578DSC02582

The road from the casitas to the pool.


Adventureing the resort.


The front of the hotel.DSC02635

My outfit on day 3 in AZ.DSC02636DSC02639

My sister stopping to smell the beautiful flowers!DSC02657

The kierland commons, with Tommy Bahamas!!DSC02676DSC02682DSC02684

Fish and chips at Tommy Bahamas! SO GOOD!DSC02709

My family and I had a great trip!

Until the next adventure,

Chow Bella

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