Top 5 underrated places to visit in 2017.



#1  Thailand.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.53.45 AM**Photo from

Thailand is surprisingly very cheap, especially north of Bankok. Thailand’s cultures, food, world-class diving, jungles, and beaches are definitely something everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

Spending  $

$1 USD = 34 THB ( Thai Baht)

Food-       Food is very inexpensive in Thailand. You can eat for around
120-170 THB / $3-$4 USD a day. That’s crazy cheap! If you want to spend even less go for the authentic street food.
Street food costs as little as 20 THB / 0.57c USD. If you want a nicer meal it will cost you about 130-350 THB / $3-$10 USD

Accommodations- If you want to stay at a nice resort it’s going to cost you more of course, but you get what you pay for. A for a bungalow on the beach it will start at 1,650 THB / $47 USD a night. Hotels start at about 1,350 THB / $38 USD a night and up.  Rooms on Airbnb start at about 300THB / $8 a night.



Activities-  Tours are about 400-1,200 THB / $11-$34 USD depending on the activities you do. Cooking classes in the city start at 1,200 THB / $34 USD and go up from there. Temples, Museums, and parks cost about 50-100 THB / $1-$2 USD.


#2 Romania.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 10.45.24 AM.png



Romania SO BEAUTIFUL! I have been to Romania 4 times. My father was born in Romania so we have a special connection with the country. The RON to USD conversion is 4 RON = $1 USD.


Spending $


$1 USD = 4 RON ( Romanian New Lei)

Food- Inexpensive meals in Romania are about 15-30 RON / $3-$7 USD. You can eat for around 50- 120 RON / $11-$28 USD a day. If you want something a little nicer it will be around 60-120 RON / $14-$28 USD.







This is Coirba de Burta (Sour tripe soup) With onions. A very traditional Romanian dish.



**My Photo.




Accomidations- Hotels in Romania start at about $40 a night and go up from there. If you want something cheaper you can stay at hostels for anywhere from $7-$11 a night.



Activities-  Romania has lots of monestarys, museums, and parks to visit. A day tour in the country’s capital Bucharest, is anywhere from $30-$80 USD.





#3 Cuba

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 1.00.44 PM

**Photo from

Cuba is known for the white sand beaches, pastel houses in Havana, and salsa dancing clubs. Cuba is a Caribbean island, with great food! Funny enough cuba can be a very cheap trip or a very expensive trip depending on how you travel.

Spending $

1 Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC)  = 1 US Dollar

25  National Peso (CUP) = 1 Cuban Convertible Peso

Food–  You can eat for around $12-$24 a day. Food is pretty well priced, street food is usually anywhere from 0.20c – $3 USD. If want something a little nicer it will be anywhere from $2-$10 USD. Cocktails are anywhere from $1-$5 USD.

Accomidations- Hotel rooms in cuba can be pricey, anywhere from $25-$180+ USD a night. If you want something a little cheaper you can stay in a double room in a casa particular for $20-$30 USD a night. If you really want to experience Cuba staying in a Casa particular is the way to go!


Take a tour of old Havana.  Tours of old Havana prices vary depending on what is included in the tour. The price could be anywhere from $20-$85 USD.

Museums- National Museum of fine arts. Museum of revolution. And many others.

Take a stroll along the Havana Harbor.

Explore the crumbling colonial town Trinidad. – “The town is a UNESCO heritage site for good reason, attracting carloads of tourists; old houses filled with the finest crystal and porcelain bought with vast profits from sugar and slaves, crumbling frescos and elaborate facades lining narrow cobbled streets,” Ian Henderson, Travel writer.


#4 Scotland

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 8.45.23 PM



Scotland is full of sheep, lochs, kilts, bagpipes, and castles. This magical country is definitely one you have to experience in your life. It is unlike any place I’ve ever been.



$1 USD = 0.77 GBP (British Pound)

Food- For food in Scotland you will spend around 6-21 GBP / $7-$27 USD a day.

Beer is around 2-5 GBP / $3-$6 USD.

Accomidations- Hotels in Scotland are anywhere from 30-120 GBP a night. For a cheaper price you can stay in a hostel for anywhere from $4-$13 a night.


Visit Loch Ness, take a boat or just admire the loch from a distance. Assuming you have a ride, going to the loch is free. Obviously tours and boat rides will cost you.

Visit the Edinburgh Castle. The castle was built upon volcanic rock. This costs anywhere from 10-18 GBP depending on your age.

Visit the Scottish highlands. Hire a driver for the day and explore.

Go to a whiskey refinery. This costs anywhere from 12-80 GBP.

Tour Urquart Castle. This costs around 7-9 GBP depending on your age.



#5 Poland 
 **Photo from

Poland is a country in eastern Europe, this country is known for its medieval architecture, its jewish heritage, 14th-century Wawel castle and much more.

Spending $

$1 USD = 3.70 PLN (Polish Zloty)

Food- Food in Poland is not too expensive… An average meal is 15-30 PLN/ $4-$8 USD. For the whole day you will spend around 30-90 PLN / 8-24 PLN.


Accommodations-  If you want something inexpensive you can stay at hostels from $7-$13 a night. If you something nicer you can stay at a hotel for anywhere from $35-$200 a night.



Take a tour of old town Warsaw. There is a free walking tour that starts at 10:30am everyday in the center of old town.

Visit one of the many castles. Castle admission is anywhere from $5-$25.

Visit St. Mary’s Basilica.

And just walk, and explore. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy life!


Happy travels,

Chow Bella







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