1 day in Corfu, Greece.

The 3rd port on our Holland America cruise was Corfu, Greece.

First, of course, we had to get some food, the picture below is the government building in the center of the city we passed on the way to the restaurant. dsc03328

Our lunch in Corfu was sooooo good!! Greek salad and meat kabob.

dsc03322Yum!!! Fresh home-made tzatziki!


Next, we went to the old fortress of Corfu this fortress was built to protect the city from battle in the early 15th century.



Old Fortress in the 16th century from a print at the British Museum. The protective wall of the marina is visible in front of the castle. The marina is still in use to this day

Old_Fortress_in_Corfu_16th_centuryJust down the hill from the fortress, we found a little secret beach with some locals around.


I love the ocean in Greece, so clean and beautiful.



This amazing church on the cliff with water below was halfway down the hill from the fortress.dsc03366

This is one of the historic government buildings that surround the fortress.


The government building in the center of the city.



My Sister and I on the steps of the fortress. dsc03360

One of the places for boats to pass through and dock, this is a part of the fortress’s marina.dsc03346

A beautiful building we passed by while walking around the city.


Before we got back to the cruise ship we stopped for some saganaki. By the way, it was delicious!! Throughout the day we did get some bad service and people that were not very nice.dsc03602

My dad, my sister, and I, (My mom took the picture) under a pretty arch of flowers by the boat docks.dsc03561

Overall I thought Corfu was lovely, and I am excited to go to other places in Greece.

I recommend to never set a schedule or a tour, just walk and see what you find!

Until the next adventure,


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