Dubrovnik, Croatia for the day. 2014

Holland America Europe cruise 2014.

Our ship the Nieuw Amsterdam.

First stop Dubrovnik, Croatia.



Our beautiful suite on the ship.fullsizerender-60

Driving from the boat to old town Dubrovnik we stopped for a quick bite.dsc02428

Tomato and grilled mozzarella, with a piece of grilled pork on top.dsc03602

Fresh home-made bread, with olives and oil and vinegar.dsc03321

The beautiful bridge you cross to enter Dubvronik from the cruise port.dsc02210

Driving through the streets of Dubrovnik.dsc02236

little place for the locals to park their boats. the water is so clear and beautiful here!dsc02432

Historic building that has been vacant for many years and falling apart.dsc02268

Down by the water you can rent a boat, or even get a tour of the town.dsc02421

The gate to enter old town Dubrovnik.dsc02969

Walking the walls that surround the city.dsc02830

Amazing old citadel built on the rocks to defend any incoming attacks.dsc02975

The amazing view of old town Dubrovnik from the hill.dsc02314

Another picture of the historic vacant building. Such an amazing thing to see.dsc02293dsc02292

Driving through the hills, amazing views.dsc02243


Happy travels,


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