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Romania 2016

December 31, 2016

Here are some memories from our Romania New years 2016-2017

Here is a picture of me outside of the virgin Atlantic clubhouse at LAX.


Here are the bread selections from the First class Virgin Atlantic lounge.img_6979

The Burata salad with arugula, heirloom tomatoes, topped with a soft lemon drizzle.


The burger at the clubhouse, fresh arugula, melted cheese, and thick steak French Fries.img_3564

Niciose Salad, with grilled chicken. fresh avocado, organic eggs, Romaine,topped with frisee.img_3562

Our Dinner, Breakfast menus, and vanity bag on our flight.img_3698The first class cabin on Virgin Atlantic’s Dream liner.img_6350

My view out the window of our 787 boeing Dream liner.img_6936

We arrived in Bucharest.img_6390

Our first meal in Romania, Ciorba de pedisoara, with sour cream. Sour soup with meatballs.img_6419

The head office at the parliament building in Bucharest, The second largest building in the world. We had a private tour from one of the head politicians, he is a family friend.img_6889

The beautiful view of Bucharest, the city where my Dad grew up.img_3705

The Arch De Triumph in Bucharest, Romania.img_6838

Next stop the Mountains.img_3753

We next were in the mountains of Romania, for some snow, carriage rides, and skiing.img_6666

A traditional Romanian restaurant in the mountains.img_3973

Ciorba de Burta with onions. A classic Romanian Dish. Sour soup with cow stomach (Tripe) and onions to cut the fat. img_6474

The beautiful view of the Snow covered trees from out hotel.img_3858

A classic Romanian Dish, Mamaliga with pieces of pork, and Sarmale. aka (Creamy Polenta, Pork, And meat wrapped in pickled cabbage).


Cutting board of mixed meats, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, ekree (fish eggs) and mixed  Cheese’s.img_3962

Basket of soft, crunchy, homemade bread.img_3963

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