Disney Cruise British Isles 2016

June 3, 2016

Chow Bella,

My family went on a Disney cruise!!! We love all things Disney, and they really are a great quality cruise line. We like them the best out of the ones we have been on.

Our cruise departs in Dover England so we flew from Los Angeles to London on Virgin Atlantic, which was soooooo amazing. The lighting and plane was so lush.


On the way to London, England.img_4415

We arrived in London at about 6pm and left at noon the next day to head to Dover. Well, since we had never been to London before, so we wanted to see all the sites…

We got to the hotel at about 7 and had dinner at a really good Indian restaurant, as you sat they brought a tray of about 20 different dips and spreads, like pickled lime rine, mint chutney other and spicy sauces. It was a really cool experience! We love any opportunity for good Indian food!

The next morning we got up really early and headed out to see all the sights we could before driving to Dover. And of course… It was gloomy. They don’t have drinks called “London fog” for no reason!” 😝

Family photo in front of the Buckingham Palace in London.

The Buckingham Palace has been the official home of the UK’s sovereigns since 1837, and today is the administrative head quarters for the Monarch.

The flag at the palace was flying, which means the Queen was in!

Unfortunately, we did not get to see her or the changing of the guards this time, but there is always next time! 😂👌🏼



The details on the palace were SO incredible. You can tell it has a ton of history.

It really makes you think of how the palace was in the late 1800s and 1900s. Booming with life, parties, and political events!


After we saw the Buckingham Palace we walked to the Big Ben tower, which is a beautiful walk through the park!

The bell inside the tower weighs more than 13 tons. It is truly so stunning in person! No wonder it is a staple of London’s history! 😍


After the Big Ben we walked to the Westminster abbey which was very close by! It is such an amazing abbey and amazing history of weddings and coronations inside! 😍dsc09979

The view from the top of the Dover Castle in Kent, England.dsc00101

Historic cemetery in England.dsc00355


Getting on the Disney Magic Cruise ship.dsc00219

The pool on the ship with the huge TV always playing Disney classics. Such a fun place to hang with the family, get some food, relax, and enjoy.dsc00234

We spent the day in Newcastle, England.img_3681

Sandwich with crispy fries at the pub.dsc00432

Ruins in Newcastle, England, Surrounded by greenery and the ocean.img_3653

Our family sate room on the ship. With bunk beds that lower from the stowage in the ceiling.dsc00236

Next port, Edinburgh, Scotland. We had amazing food at highly rated Jamie Oliver restaurant.img_3988


Fried 4 Cheese Ravioli with home-made spaghetti sauce.img_3982

City hall. Glasgow, Scotland.img_3980

Of course there is always time for a latte break.img_3872

Me in front of the Breathtaking Edinburgh Castle.img_3911

Family Picture in front of the castle in Edinburgh.  No fairytale castle, this is the real deal, growing on top of volcanic rock.img_8353

The view from the walls of the castle. The Edinburgh Castle occupies the summit of an ancient plug of volcanic rock towering 260ft or 80m above the city of Edinburgh, and is visible for tens of miles in every direction.img_3899


Horse-drawn Carriage, In the fairytale land of Greenock, Scotland.img_3803


Next port, The Island of Guernsey. We visited Victor Hugo’s Home. For fourteen years, Hauteville House was home to famous French writer Victor Hugo, during his time in exile from France. Hugo spent his time there writing his masterpieces, as well as personally decorating the house. img_4289

The garden of Victor Hugo’s Home.img_4261

The view of our Cruise ship from Guernsey.img_4286

Castle Cornet,Guernsey. incredible 800 year old castle. There are four historic gardens within the castle walls, lovingly tended by the castle Keepers who keep them free from weeds, dead-headed and watered daily.


Victor Hugo’s front entrance. (Hauteville Home)img_4251

The dreamy carousel, in St. Tropez. Built in 1900img_4234

A cute bed and breakfast in the quaint town of St. Tropez, France.img_4443

The  harbor, of Le Harve, Franceimg_4183

My favorite dish, Steak tartare with french fries.img_8333


The beautiful town of Le Havre, covered with flowers and fountains as far as you can see.img_5105img_4146img_4134

Fireworks over Liverpool, England. The home of the Beatles.img_4115


Rainy Liverpool, Truly a beautiful city.img_4786img_5100

Next port,  Inverness, Scotland. We visited the Macallen scotch refinery.dsc00523

We took a tour of their scotch making facilities, and my parents tasted the scotch. Such a fun experience seeing how the make the scotch from scratch.dsc00479

We visited the Loch Ness, sadly we didn’t see Nessie, hopefully we catch a quick hello next time.dsc00454


Happy Travels,


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  • ceayr January 13, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    Interesting trip here, and good photos, but I have to say that some of your photo attributes in Scotland are somewhat misplaced.

    • Chow Bella Travels January 13, 2018 at 5:56 pm

      Thank you, which ones are misplaced? ☺️

      • ceayr January 14, 2018 at 3:20 pm

        Don’t remember offhand, other than what you describe as City Hall, Edinburgh is actually Glasgow City Chambers, seen from George Square.

        • Chow Bella Travels January 14, 2018 at 6:03 pm

          Oh interesting, thanks for letting me know. We went to 4 different ports on the cruise, and I remembered that being in Edinburgh, Thanks.