Dinner last night at Chi Spacca.

Me outside Chi Spacca. I started with an espresso. Next we got a meat board, the meat choices were coppa, ciccioli, pancetta testa, trotter fritti, oregano salami, and Calabrese salami. This is the insalata misticanza. This had radish,  turnup, beet, and sherry vinaigrette.  Burata with olive oil. Veal tongue with oregano vinaigrette. Grilled octopus, pureed [...]

Lunch at North Italia.

Mixed cheese and meat plate, with olives and grilled crustini. Home-made meat balls with fresh garlic bread topped with Parmesan. Grilled cauliflower and asparagus, topped with an sunny side up egg. Garlic bread topped with Burata, and Parmesan. Parpedele Bolognese. Tortellini, with short rib topped with Parmesan. Wood fired Pepperoni pizza with Parmesan. Italian doughnuts [...]