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Chow Bella,

How are all you travel lovers?

I recently went to France and Italy with my family…

We flew from LAX-FRA on Lufthansa’s double-decker plane on the top floor in business class. We applied for global entry a couple weeks before our trip, and we were accepted, but we couldn’t get appointments at the locations in Los Angeles, they were full, so we just did the regular security at the Tom Bradley International airport at LAX.

Luckily the line was very short and everyone was very kind, so it was a breeze.

Once we got past security we went to the Star Alliance Lounge in LAX.

to relax and have some snacks before our flight.

They called our gate and we headed to the business class line, which was not too long yet. We boarded the plane pretty quickly and got settled in our large seats. My parent’s seats were right in front of my sister and I’s which was perfect so we could all be by each other.

We had storage cubbies to the side of our seats so we were able to keep our backpacks down by us instead of them having to be in the overhead compartment.


We had quite a bit of leg room and nice big TV screens for movies!

They had a bunch of movie options, which was awesome for a long flight.


After we took off they brought us some walnuts to snack on before they served dinner.


After about 25 minutes of being in the air, they started serving dinner. We had a piece of beef with potatoes and carrots, salad on the side, and they brought bread.

This wasn’t the best meal we have had on a plane… But everything was pretty good other than the salad being already wilted and the beef was chewy.



After dinner, I watched a movie and then laid my seat flat to get some sleep.

They had little vanity bags all made up for us, I used the eye mask and earplugs so I could get some rest.

When I woke up we still had about 2 1/2 hours of flying, I opened my window shade and the sky was looking gorgeous.


About an hour and a half before landing they served us some breakfast which was scrambled eggs, fruit, meat and cheese, and bread.IMG_1954

After a little while, they brought us some chocolate which was the BEST chocolate I have ever had. Which is a big deal because I don’t usually like chocolate, other than pure dark chocolate.



Once we landed in Germany, we got some pretzels at the airport which were delicious!

If you have never had a pretzel in Germany, it is something you should definitely do!



Overall we enjoyed the experience of flying Lufthansa, our favorite part was that the seats laid flat and were super comfy. The food overall was definitely not the best plane food we have had, but it was edible.

The service was great, super attentive staff and very kind.

The plane was very clean and had a nice vibe.

We would definitely fly Lufthansa again just for the comfort of the seats!

Stay tuned for my upcoming post about our time in France… I know this is probably surprising but we had a lot of baguettes and cheese.


Until the next adventure,

XOXO Chow Bella

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