Star Alliance lounge review @ LAX – ChowBellaTravels

Chow Bella,

Today we are flying from Los Angeles to Frankfurt Germany on a Lufthansa flight.

Lufthansa doesn’t have their own lounge at LAX, but, they have a partnership with the star alliance lounge that is in the Tom Bradley international airport near the gates.

So we checked into our flight and headed to the lounge.

The lounge is pretty large, it has nice options for seating. You can sit around the bar, by the food, in the little library room, outside the doors there is an open seating area that is like a patio but just open to the large airport, and you can sit back in the darker more quaint lounge section.


We sat on the open deck section and then got some food.

They have as soon as you walk inside to the right a full alcohol bar, and next to that they have cheese, crackers, and assorted dried fruits.

As you keep walking straight you then find the self-serve food bar. The options are sandwiches, curry chicken, fruit, rice, steamed veggies, and a tofu dish. We got what we wanted and returned to our table.

I got the curry chicken with steamed veggies.

We enjoyed the food, it all had good flavor and tasted fresh, so far so good.

As we were sitting at our table eating, we saw people pass by with bowls of some kind of soup that looked great.

So we went back inside and walked the whole lounge… On the other side of the lounge against the wall is build your own PHO bar.

So we started with the noodles we wanted, I got the rice noodles, then you put the broth, and then the toppings you would like, I got red cabbage, chicken, bean sprouts, cilantro, and carrot strips.

We returned to our table and had a taste of our PHO, and we were very impressed.

The noodles and the broth had great flavor.

The PHO bar is such a fun option that we all really appreciated.

Overall the lounge has a nice vibe and good food options.


Chow Bella