How to pack for a week in Hawaii – ChowBellaTravels


Hey, need some help figuring out what to take on your tropical vacay?


For this trip, I brought 1 bikini, 4 tops, 3 shorts, 4 dresses and 2 light shall/wraps.

For electronics, I brought my iPhone, GoPro hero 5 with its water stick, Sony SLR camera, and my MacBook pro.

I brought 4 pairs of shoes, flip flops, brown sandals, black sandals, and Nikes.

For accessories, I brought a white floppy hat, silver watch, a couple anklets and my Lokai.

For my cords and headphones, I have my travel zip flamingo bag from a Virgin America flight to Florida.



Here was my outfit on a day we went hiking.

Definitely, wear shorts, a loose top, and comfy shoes.



A day exploring the town outfit.

Light flowy tropical dress with sandals.IMG_9531

Headed to the pool, make sure you have a light tote bag for your phone, sunglasses and a room key.IMG_9545IMG_9498

Looking back I wished I had packed a couple more dress options but other than that it was perfect.


Chow Bella,

Happy travels.